Convergence College Network Reporting & Documents

This page contains documents that are related to CCN activities, reporting, levels and points, and templates for CCN member schools.

Status Report

CCN Yearly Status Report Template (revised Jan 2018), due March 1, 2018

For community colleges:

For universities:

CCN "Degrees and Certificates"

Updated April 2018

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CCN Points and Benefits

CCN Points Grid (2017)

This document covers actives that CCN member school can do to attain a level 1 status in the network.

CCN Points Grid (2017) - university members

This document covers actives that CCN university member school can do to attain a level 1 status in the network.

CCN Benefits Grid

This document explains the difference of benefits for being a Level 1 or Level 2 member of the CCN.

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Grant support

The National CTC can provide some support and assistance to those CCN members schools submitting an NSF ATE proposal for an IT-related project or center. But please note the following 2018 deadlines:
April 1 – deadline to notify CTC of intent to apply for ATE grant
June 1 - deadline to submit to CTC a value proposition/outline (must align the NSF solicitation)
Sept 1 – deadline to send us full draft of ATE proposal
Sept 1 – deadline to notify CTC of request for letter of support (need to submit full copy of ATE proposal)
Oct 4 - ATE deadline for proposal submission

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BILT Guide


This general-purpose "Getting Business and Industry Involved" guide covers the basics to planning and implementing a Business and Industry Leadership Team for your convergence programs. Updated October 2016.

KSA How-To

This general-purpose "Job Skills Validation Process" guide covers how to use the KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities) spreadsheet with your BILT to evaluate your programs. Updated fall 2015.

KSA List

This spreadsheet - developed by our National BILT group - is a general overview of major knowledge, skills and abilities that should be covered in a convergence program. Use this spreadsheet as baseline to guide (and customize) your local BILT job validation discussions. Revised August 2017.

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Other Resources

Graduate Survey

This is a tool you can adjust as needed to help survey your exiting students and track employment impact,

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"Prime" Directory

A listing of all CCN member schools and the primary point of contact for the CCN. Updated September 2018.

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Resources Overview

Intended as a primer for new CCN member schools, this guide to the CTC and CCN resources may be valuable to all members.

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CCN "Logic Model"

Developed for the October 2014 "FAS4ATE" workshop, this spreadsheet explores the CCN "community of practice" process in terms of a logic model that lists Needs, Inputs, Activities, Outputs, and Outcomes. Logic models help show connections between needs and outcomes. It's a good tool to create an educated prediction about project success, such as when you're developing a new project.

The CTC updated its logic model for the October 2016 ATE grant renewal proposal.

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CCN Prospect Tools

For those interested in recruiting new member schools to the CCN, please see below. In addition to some documents CCN prospects might like to see, we're also including an e-mail/cover letter template for you to customize as needed.

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Infographic Sheets - CCN and Working Connections

To help promote and discuss the value and impact of CCN membership and Working Connections training. Updated summer 2017.

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Guest Speakers and Instructors

A list of past Working Connections instructors and BILT members who have agreed to consider guest speaking requests.

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"CCN 101" webinar

In May 2016, the CTC hosted a one-hour webinar discussing all facets of the CCN - resources, events, benefits, responsibilities, the “yearly report,” the points. Viewing this webinar is a great way to learn more about the CCN: who we are and what we do.

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