Convergence College Network Meetings
Meeting minutes and presentation documents from each CCN call and face to face meeting will be posted here. Upcoming meeting dates and information is available on the master calendar.

Upcoming Meetings

CCN quarterly meeting - fall 2018 (day and time TBD)

Previous Meetings

October 1, 2018

"CCN 101" webinar


July 15, 2018

CCN Quarterly Meeting

National CTC Overview and Updates (including presentation on stackable certificates)

Team-Based Learning - Rebecca Orr, Collin College

Pre-meeting handout (Four Steps for Doing TBL Right)

Readiness assurance test (RAT)

Readiness assurance test (RAT) guidelines

Gallery Walk exercise

Gallery Walk worksheets - Attendees were placed in groups and asked to address this question:
What is the most important professional responsibility that needs to be instilled in students while enrolled in your IT program that will increase their success in the workplace? Propose a modification to your classroom work that would develop this skill, listing at least one challenge/barrier that you might face when implementing your idea and at least one solution to address that challenge.
After placing their group responses on the walls, attendees then circulated through the room and attached questions and comments on each other's group responses.

TBL 101 references

2008 article - National Teaching and Learning Forum

Workshop evaluation

>>From Rebecca:
1. A resource for conducting TBL online:
2. Anyone interested in becoming a part of the TBL community, asking questions, and learning from others, you are encouraged to join the list-serv by emailing a request to

Lightning Round presentations


April 27, 2018

CCN Administrators Meeting - Spring 2018



April 13, 2018

"Competency Based Education" webinar - Mike Libassi (Sinclair Community College) and Doug Miller (Salt Lake Community College)

Video links

February 23, 2018

CCN Quarterly Meeting

Slack demo - Bruce Caraway, Lone Star




December 8, 2017

CCN Quarterly Meeting



November 17, 2017

"CAE2Y" webinar - Kyle Jones (Sinclair Community College)


November 3, 2017

CCN Administrators Meeting



October 13, 2017

CCN Quarterly Meeting



July 9, 2017

CCN Quarterly Meeting

PowerPoint (CCN)

PowerPoint (Tom Higgins, ATE)

Handouts - "Merit Review Criteria"


April 28, 2017

CCN Administrators Meeting


Meeting Minutes


February 24, 2017

CCN Quarterly Meeting



Virtual Lab schematics - Ron Monroig (Scottsdale Community College) demonstrated how their school creates a virtual lab environment.
vcpcloud configuration - hardware.png

December 2, 2016

CCN Administrator Meeting


Daytona State College's 2+2 letter - CCN member Daytona State College offers AS and AA degrees with +2 programs for a few areas, including Engineering Technology. This is their standard "cut and paste" letter that goes out to students who inquire about the program.

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College's "Curriculum Checklists" - CCN member school WITC provides these checklists to students and counselors to help keep students on track with classes towards completion. Purple and red blocks indicate classes within the embedded technical diplomas.

November 4, 2016

CCN Quarterly Meeting

Meetings minutes


"HI-TEC sharing presentations"
North Central Texas College

Kirkwood Community College

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Lone Star College

Houston Community College
HCC STEM camp robotics:
Spelman Spelbots:
Herzing University

Lone Star College

Cleveland Community College

Sinclair Community College

Orange Coast College

Diversity Summit - Feb 9-10, 2017
Application (due December 9)

Fact Sheet

CCTA (Centers Collaborative for Technical Assistance) resources - free webinars/best practice sheets for program strategies and tools.
Home page:
Upcoming webinars:
Best practice one-pagers (PDF):

"Cyberseek" - New LMI tool funded by NIST to provide specific regional details on current cybersecurity job needs.
Example of "heat map"

Home page:

Completion flyer - Moraine Valley attaches a version of this flyer to all syllabi, a way to continually reinforce the value of getting a degree/certificate. It's one of several strategies they employ to boost completion rates. Directions are provided for customization, but you're also welcome to contact the CTC for help if you need further assistance making the flyer work for your program.

360's "Skill Development" online modules - This was briefly mentioned by Ann Beheler. 360 is an ATE Center (like the CTC) that "developed a series of learning modules developed to introduce important skills to help current and future employees succeed in their careers." The curriculum is free to use, but 360 asks you to register so they can better track usage and impact.

July 10, 2016

CCN Quarterly Meeting


"Lightning Round" presentations

"Did You Know?" video:
TED talk - Carol Dweck and "growth mindset":
TED talk - Angela Duckworth and "grit":
Twitter Experiment:

Group discussion summary

May 13, 2016

CCN Administrator Meeting



May 12, 2016
"CCN 101" webinar


April 15, 2016

"PC Clinic" webinar - David Pope (Ozarks Technical Community College), Chance Witherspoon (Cleveland Community College)


February 26, 2016

CCN Quarterly Meeting

Meeting minutes

December 17, 2015

CCN Quarterly Meeting

"Three Headlines" handout

Meeting minutes

December 3, 2015

"IT Transformation" webinar - Matt Brown, NetApp


November 16, 2015

"CCN 101" webinar

October 9, 2015

CCN Quarterly Meeting

October 2, 2015

CCN Administrator call


Bay Area Community College Consortium - note slides 9-12 regarding IT skills in demand by employers in the San Francisco area

July 17, 2015

CCN Quarterly Minutes


Don Taylor presentation - "Flipping the Flipped Classroom"

May 15, 2015

CCN Administrator Call

The agenda:
1. Relationships and meetings with your local business and industry
2. How can the National CTC's business and industry group help your program?
3. Combating shrinking IT enrollment
4. Developing stackable certificates - are they working? do students understand their value?

February 20, 2015


CCN survey sent out prior to the February meeting.

December 17, 2014

Agenda & CCN Member Updates

Presentations - Lightning Rounds, 5 minutes each

Pam Brauda (Florida State College Jacksonville), NetLab vs NetAcad

Rafat Elsharef (Milwaukee Area Technical College), Capstone

Raj Gill (Anne Arundel Community College), Classroom/Pedagogy Innovations

Paul Gordon (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College), Student Retention

David Keathly (Univ of North Texas), Easing the Rocky Road to an IT Bachelors Degree

Rajiv Malkan and Bruce Caraway (Lone Star College), Outreach Marketing

Charline Nixon (Calhoun Community College), Cell Phone Statistics and Forensics Tool

David Pope (Ozarks Technical Community College), Teaching Technology - Are We Doing It Right?

Jerry Snyder (Sinclair Community College), Cisco Hybrid Learning Model

Presentations - Paired, 10 minutes each

Israel Aladejebi (Century College) and Mehmet Kilinc (Gwinnett Technical College), IT industry trends

Elizabeth Halweg (Fox Valley Technical College) and Jim Meeks (San Jacinto College), summer camps

Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College) and John Hoye (Kellogg Community College), classroom best practices

Trevor Chandler (Houston Community College) and Eliazar Martinez (El Centro College), articulation/transfer best practices

Pam Betts (San Jacinto College) and Ernie Friend (Florida State College Jacksonville), developing new curriculum

Brendan Fleishans (Lansing Community College) and Susan Randall (Cleveland Community College), online/distance learning

October 10, 2014



Sept 19, 2014

CCN Administrator Call

* Marketing your program
Are you responsible for marketing your program?
What strategies/practices do you employ?
How do you work with other campus departments to market your program?
How might the CTC provide support with your marketing efforts?

* Recruiting students
What strategies do you employ to recruit underserved student segments?
What’s your best success story?

* Using social media
How do you use social media in your department? (For example, is it a faculty/student interaction, a promotional tool, a way to engage others in conversations?)
Possible opportunity next year to help CCN schools either create a new social media strategy or improve an existing strategy.

* Student portfolios
Do your students develop personal portfolios in class?
If so, what do the portfolios include?

July 21, 2014


The agenda is as follows:
* The value of an engaged BILT
* How to develop an engaged BILT (recruiting members and running a BILT meeting)
* The KSA process
* Cross-referencing KSAs to curriculum

July 11, 2014

Face to Face Meeting Summer Working Connections
12:30pm Working Lunch ‐ networking, welcome, and introductions
1:00pm “Toothpick Factory” workshop
Dr. Marilyn Barger, Executive Director
Florida Advanced Technological Education Center
3:00pm CCN Discussions
  • In seven words or less, tell us what you do
  • Proposed student “exit survey”
  • David Pope and Bill Saichek’s resource sheet
  • CCN points system adjustments and “report cards”
  • CCN program updates/highlights (2 minutes per school)
5:00pm Adjourn


May 2, 2014

CCN Administrators Conference Call - 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Central


Agenda: Focus on challenges administrators face and share success tactics
  • Welcome and introductions
  • CCN overview
  • Program sustainability, growth, and initiation: Do you have businesses help in the justification of technology-based programs? How are you financing needed lab equipment? What strategies are you employing to keep struggling programs going?
  • Grants: What kind of technology-based grants have you been successful in getting and what grants are you pursuing or considering for the future?
  • Job placement: What are you doing in the area of internships and finding jobs for your graduates? Do you know about virtual internships/externships? How do you track your graduates on the job?
  • Professional Development: What kind of professional development are you providing for technology faculty? Do you know what the CTC provides?
  • Q&A
  • Adjourn

February 6, 2014

CCN Conference Call - 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. Central

During the meeting we will be covering...
  • Revised CCN “levels and benefits” (with worksheet)
  • Revised 2014 annual report
  • 2014 calendar of events
  • CCN administrator meetings

If you can, please take a moment to look over the four attachments in advance of the meeting.
  1. Revised CCN benefits grid
  2. Revised CCN levels grid
  3. November 2013 CCN "Degrees and Certificates" spreadsheet
  4. CCN status report, due April 1

December 15, 2013

CCN Face to Face Meeting. 5pm-7pm - Frisco, TX

  • Explanation of the new CCN levels
  • How to manage a regional/local BILT
  • Discussion on Yearly Report
  • Brief update from CCN members


November 8, 2013

CCN Conference Call - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Central

  • ITIL
  • Virtual internships
  • vCloud (please see file and the paragraph below)
  • CTC website tour/resources
  • MPICT conference, January 6-7, 2014
  • Winter Working Connections and the "Sunday meeting" on December 15
  • Summer 2014 Working Connections preview
  • Revised Yearly CCN Status Report
  • Opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm problems

Cloud computing has been a hot topic in the past few years as advancements in computer hardware have allowed organizations to virtualize more of the data center infrastructure. Many organizations have deployed virtualization to significantly reduce IT costs while boosting efficiency and performance. While capital expense (CapEx) savings have been significant, organizations have discovered that savings in operational expenses (OpEx) are achieved as well. Cloud computing extends the virtualized environment beyond physical server consolidation to amplify OpEx savings. The OpEx savings result from improved manageability and the ability to use automation to work with large number of virtual machines (VMs) with minimal manual effort. Cloud computing extends the role of virtualization deeper into the data center by transforming the traditional data center into the data center of the future: the software-defined data center (SDDC). A SDDC is comprised of various components including server, network and storage virtualization resources. SDDC dramatically speeds up and simplifies the initial provisioning and ongoing management of fully virtualized compute, storage and networking via policy-driven automation. The result of leveraging cloud computing is transformational levels of business agility along with operational efficiency, control and choice for IT organizations.

September 27, 2013

CCN Administrator's Teleconference

July 7, 2013

CCN Face to Face Meeting - Frisco, TX



National Center Update - Ann Beheler, CTC

Articulation to Certifications - Ernie Friend, Florida State College at Jacksonville

How to Build a Lab on $5 a Day - Bill Saichek, Orange Coast College

Stackable Certificates - Jon Hardesty, Collin College

Working Connections North Recap ("The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly") and HDTI update - Karl Dietrich and Brian Nelson, Lansing Community College

Summer Camps - Elizabeth Halweg, Fox Valley Technical College

Recruiting Under-Served Populations - Eliazar Martinez, El Centro

San Jacinto College update - Pam Betts, Jim Meeks, Sami Khaleeq

Tarrant County College update - Charles DeSassure

Anne Arundel Community College update - Joselle Gatrell and Raj Gill

Ozarks Technical Community College update - George Gibeau and David Pope

Polk State College update - John Huff and Keith Libert

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College update - Paul Gordon and Paul Weisberger

BAIT Overview - David Keathly, University of North Texas

Waukesha Technical College overview - Kim Ehlert

Calhoun Community College overview - Nisheeth Agrawal

Milwaukee Area Technical College overview - Rafat Elsharef

May 24, 2013

CCN Administrator Network Call

April 22, 2013

CCN Conference Call
Thank you to everyone who joined on the call!

CCN Dec 16.jpg

December 16, 2012

9:00 a.m. -- Welcome and registration materials distribution to Convergence College Network Working Connections attendees
9:30 a.m. – National Center Grant update with new goals and partners. Update on initiative with DOL on IT competencies – Ann Beheler
10:00 a.m. – Reports from the following colleges (these can be informal, handouts and/or PowerPoints. Just report on what your college is doing.):
  • San Jacinto College - Pam Betts
  • Collin College - John Byers and Mike Harsh
  • Diablo Valley College - Doug Spindler
  • Tarrant County College - Charles DeSassure
  • Lansing Community College - Karl Dietrich and Brian Nelson
  • Dallas County Community College District - Eliazar Martinez, Jason Fletcher, Linda Savage, Rodnez Small
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville - Ernie Friend
  • Anne Arundel Community College - Joselle Gatrell
  • Fox Valley Community College - Elizabeth Halweg
  • University of North Texas - David Keathly
  • Metropolitan Community College - Linda Lutz
  • Ozarks Technical College - David Pope
11:00 a.m. -- Break
11:15 a.m. -- Reports from each college continue
12:00 Noon -- Lunch
12:45 p.m. -- Reports from each college continue
2:00 p.m. -- Break
2:15 p.m. -- Schedule of CCN meetings for the year and activities and topics you would like to cover
2:30 p.m. -- Overview of updated website and Wikis as a resource for our college network - Jen McGarvey
3:00 p.m. -- Dismiss and evening on your own.


San Jacinto College and Diablo Valley College used their home website and did not provide a handout or a formal PowerPoint.
Pam Brauda (Florida State College)the classes within the embedded technical diplomas