Recruitment, Retention, and Marketing Strategies, Documents and Examples
This page contains documents and examples for different strategies to recruit and retain students, as well as marketing your program, and other grant related actives. Please feel free to add your own ideas, strategies, examples and documents to this page.

1. Program Marketing

Convergence Technology Program Tri-Fold

Submitted by: Karl Deitrich, LCC

Social Media Marketing Resource List

List of online resources, including articles, training, how-to guides and more for how to using social media to market your program.

Social Media Strategies

Webinar invite on social media tools and strategic planning.

Social Technology-Enabled Technician

At a recent HI-TEC conference, social media guru Gordon Snyder presented this detailed grid that goes through the social media marketing process and lists important tools and skills.

Social Media Uses

City College of San Francisco provided these two overviews of how faculty and administrators use social media to engage students and promote its programs.

Ozarks Technical Community College provided this brief rundown of how the school uses social media.

"Tech Camp" brochure

Calhoun Community College in Alabama contacted the Alabama Tourism Department and arranged for them to print and distribute this brochure in all of the state's rest stops. A creative way to get the word out far and wide.

Outreach Marketing

Lone Star College in Houston developed a creative way to market its program and engage the community. The school takes a customized trailer to high school football games. Rajiv Malkan and Bruce Caraway gave a presentation on this strategy at a recent CCN meeting. This is their presentation.

Student Survey

Survey for current students in your program. Designed to help identify how students are finding your program and what they like/dislike, to help focus marketing efforts. This survey is created as a template to give you some options and examples of the types of questions you should be asking your existing students.

2. Event Marketing

Example Student Event Flyers

Tutoring Events

Career Workshops

3. Recruitment and Retention Activities

"Diversity Summit" workshop

February 9-10, 2017


Celeste Carter (NSF) welcome video:

Pam Silvers (AB Tech) icebreaker

Andres Diaz (Puerto Rico Photonics Institute) presentation

Presentation video:
"The Condition of Latinos in Education"

Serita Acker (Clemson University) presentation

Presentation video:

Pam Silvers (AB Tech) presentation

Presentation video:

Mercedes Adams (NetApp) presentation

Presentation video:

Laura Nicholas presentation

Beth Quinn (NCWIT) presentation

Presentation video:

Matt Glover (Le-Vel) presentation video:
Panel discussion video:

Diversity Summit "fact sheet"

March 21, 2017 - quarterly cohort meeting


Laura Nicholas material

June 20, 2017 - quarterly cohort meeting


September 22, 2017 - quarterly cohort meeting


January 10, 2018 - quarterly cohort meeting


April 6, 2018 - quarterly cohort meeting


Cyber Competitions

Creative recruitment and retention activities and ideas.
Submitted by: Doug Spindler

Micromessaging to Reach and Teach Every Student

Sept 25, 2014 NAPE webinar

Recording of the Sept 25 webinar:

Plus two other documents from NAPE:

CTC Executive Summary White Paper on Recruitment and Retention (revised December 2015)

CCN Worksheet (tied to the CTC Executive Summary "White Paper" on Recruitment and Retention)

Supporting the Students of the Future

January 2012 article on Diego Navarro's Academy for College Excellence (ACE) program

Reaching Future Students with STEM Summer Camps

Submitted by: David Keathly (UNT), Elizabeth Halweg (Fox Valley Technical College)

As an addendum to this, at a recent conference (STEMtech 2015) we learned that one school encourages team-building among STEM camp students om the first day of camp by using the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator game. The game requires everyone to work together to win. It costs only $40.
Learn more here:

One-Stop Shopping Recruitment Event

Collin College hosted a unique recruitment event - promoted, in part, via Twitter - that attempted to answer any possible student question that might come up at the event. On-site enrollments were also encouraged. This is an overview of that event.

Counselor's Toolkit

MPICT (another ATE center like the CTC - posted to their website a "Counselor's Toolkit." The purpose of the document is to help students and counselors better understand the IT workplace and raise awareness of that industry. While it was created in California for that market, there are plenty of tools, resources, and strategies that any school could employ.

"Girls Are I.T." Event

El Centro College (a CCN member school) recently hosted this event for 28 10th-grade female students from a public magnet high school. These students were from the Business and Management campus. The goal was to engage these students in IT and recruit them to El Centro. Among the activities was a "Career Interest Survey" card."

The students filled out the card as they were riding the bus to El Centro. First, on the front they circled the items they would enjoy doing on the six Section lists. From there, they counted the number of items in each Section and totaled them up on the back of the card. The interests with the most circles were linked to specific IT occupations and helped steer the students to specific hands-on sessions at the "Girls Are I.T." event.

El Centro also had each student fill out the survey card below.

Role Models Matter (Techbridge) toolkit

The online toolkit provided by Techbridge's Role Models Matter initiative can help instructors engage girls and under-served youth in STEM through readings, videos, questions, and more.


CyberPatriot camps

Sierra College hosted five CyberPatriot camps for high school students in the summer of 2015.
Steve Linthicum's presentation on the CyberPatriot camps and how he grew the event:
Google Doc with additional resources related to Sierra College's CyberPatriot camps:
CyberPatriot website:

4. Sales Tools

"Closing the Deal" presentation notes

Futurist and entrepreneur guru Carolyn Corbin recently provided a short talk on salesmanship and how to sell "intangibles." These are good strategies to keep in mind when dealing with peers or administrators.

5. Grant-Related Activities

National CTC Info (a.ka.a "Get Connected")

CCN Info

Working Connections

6. Diversity Summit (Feb 9-10, 2017)

Application (due Dec 9, 2016)

Fact Sheet